CT Scan

doctor talking to an older woman sitting on an mri machine

What is it?

A CT is a Computerized Tomography Scan combining the use of X-rays with advanced computer technology to ensure the most accurate diagnosis possible. Maryville Imaging utilizes a state of the art, low dose multi-slice CT scanner to create cross-sectional images of the body using a series of X-ray beams. The beams spiral around the body computing multiple “slices” that are constructed into a complete image by a computer. The system offers more detail than traditional X-rays, making it useful when there is a need to evaluate the size, shape and position of soft tissue structures.

Most often, CT procedures are recommended to identify tumors and cysts, fractures, and help diagnose diseases of the liver, lungs, coronary arteries and other internal organs.

What to Expect

The total time for a CT scan may vary. Some patients may be asked to change clothes; this will prevent clothing from obstructing the X-rays. Depending on the exam and diagnosis, some patients may be asked to refrain from eating 4 hours prior to the examination. Patients should drink plenty of water.

When the exam begins, the table will move to a starting position, pause and then move to the final scanning position. On the table you will be surrounded by a donut-shaped "gantry”. The framework houses the X-ray tube that generates invisible X-ray beams. During the CT scanning, patients will be required to lie very still and hold their breath for just a few seconds.

Often, if you need to get a CT scan, it will require dye or contrast media, which is iodine based and virtually harmless. If needed, the contrast is injected into a vein. The contrast makes the blood vessels and certain structures or organs inside the body more visible on the CT images. If an abdominal CT scan is performed, a contrast material is usually given by mouth. Those allergic to iodine should notify their physician prior to a CT screening.

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